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The NeXt Project (Motion): The Art of Time

Photo Credit: Michele O'neill



As one conceptual piece is completed, on to the next which is under way. 
((Motion))... How motion affects us all, wether it is the shape of Society; Differing planes of a dimension; and exploring folds of time overlapping evidentiary of what can be missed if we view the world at it's pace.

We all love photographs because they capture moments in time, but do we view the moving world in the same way? 

Do we stop and become still enough; aware enough of the rate at which time is revealing what we can see? Life is like many records playing asynchronous at different speeds, and if we take a moment to isolate just one of them, what would it reveal?  

The sights and sounds we are oblivious to as we are desensitized to each as a stew of noises and visible experiences that would be so overwhelming we compensate by tuning them out.

When I am writing, I hear nothing but my fingers pecking at a keyboard, the world is artificially subdued by my focus.  Further, many stories have been related when involved in surreal events such as momentary disaster lasting only fractions of a second, we artificially slow time down.  All stops except where and when we are.


The conscious mind has no hold on our perceptions and gives way to the subconscious controller.  A play head that suddenly moves excruciatingly slow suspending us in a thickness like a slurry of time based syrup, and then nothing.


In these moments, are we given a taste or glimpse of what other dimensional beings exist in? Does a control over time itself as a non-viscous tangible and touchable reality mean we have the capability to move through time at a pace inconsistent with our reality?  Take a moment and suspend your disbelief and preconceived idea of what time and reality are, and participate in an ongoing venture into time.  A liquid we can thicken starting with a conscious decision, and then releasing our conscious to experience what remains.


"Time is not flat, it folds upon itself and unfolds.  It is how we perceive these folds which determine our frame of mind as we observe."


In order to gain a better idea of what I am working on, participate in the following experiment.

Directions :.


  • Watch something with movement, but it can't move too fast. (i.e., The sky with clouds)

  • Look at one in particular and then close your eyes, and keep them closed for 3 minutes.

  • Open your eyes, still visualizing the same focal point. 

  • Close them again, and repeat this process, 3 times for a safe measurement of results.


What did you experience? Aside from a slight sense of vertigo?

This is a clue to my next conceptual exploration.


The involvement of time and it's manipulation can reveal what can be considered clues to our reality not considered as we move throughout our lives.  It's a chosen ignorance of what surrounds and embraces us.


This is the first phase of my project with more phases to come.  I invite participation and your observations of what you will experience, and what you have experienced in your life.  It is an interactive, conceptual piece of art attempting to lend a tangible evocative response on how you see the world and art.


I will update this article and my web site, along with the following social media links so I invite everyone reading to join me on this excursion of visuality and sensory preservation; and expression.

Exploration I.  Slowing Time

The same 16 seconds is now stretched into

1 minute and 30 seconds, by slowing it down.


Time has expanded and as such, so has the

space it occupies. 

Play this video and consider your experience with the movement of water in time.

Now, play this video and consider you have the power to slow time down as if you had the capacity to reach out and imagine the water slowing down.

To the right the video depicts our time as viewed by us then quickly moves into a sequence where we might appear to a being in a higher dimension.


I had considered attempting to demonstrate visually how we might see them in our dimension, but if theory holds true, they would pass by us in a blink of an eye or even faster and this would not be possible to visualize.


I can however theorize visualizing them in their time, in which case it might hold true, if we were in their dimension, we would see what they see, and how they see it.


As such, the video demonstrates conversely how we would see ourselves in our dimension from theirs.


I also suggest, we might move even slower, almost appearing to be still, like trees.

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