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A Social Artistic Media Experiment & Conceptual ART
Get him to MoMA

A Social (Artistic) Media Experiment: Get him to MoMA

This is a conceptual participatory performance piece; a social media exploration experiment seeking to find value in how social media can influence the influencers of art.  It is about participation of strangers, and will self-destruct in 30 days.


Some questions I seek to answer:


What is the value of social media?

Can one garner participation and be effective?

Is the public on social media able to influence outcomes at a high level of art appreciation from the influencers of art?


Sharing of the images to the left and tagging them with your friends who appreciate art is all that is asked.  The QR code permits visitors to your feed who scan the code to directly visit this web site and view my art.


What further action can be taken by the participants?

They are welcome to contact MoMA and voice their thoughts about my art and how they feel it is worthy or not.


For me, social media has been mostly the land where the word "Unique" has been replaced with "Mundane" and "Selfie". There is little to do with art and more to do with garnering a following. I've rejected it, until the idea struck me one morning at 4:30a.


About my art:

I use the latest in technology and I suggest there is an artistic bridge of communication being achieved that can be explained by quantum theory and the behavior of particles.  I believe there are multiple universes, layers of dimensional reality beyond the scope of our visible spectrum.


I have speculations of time folding on itself and having experienced such events through a previous conceptual performance piece in which I had endured extreme sleep deprivation.  There is a connection with dimensions beyond ours of which we can bridge.


In our singular visable spectrum we are limited. I am not certain as to the source of the images contained in my series "Of Hearts & Wings"  I cannot account for some of the inherent imagery one sees in the final result of my work.


The constructs of hearts and wings are a vehicle for either subconscous threads.  While working on my images and manipulating the original forms captured, the only plausible explanation is some form of outcome based intelligence being revealed through meditative states of consciousness, and a very low level form of pattern recognition.


The physics behind the art lies in behaviors of particles such as electrons and atoms.  Electrons have the ability to move through structures and when their velocity is not sufficient, they move forward in time where they have already passed through, come back and therefor have obtained the necessary velocity becasue they have already passed through.


The influence on my art, partly based on bombarding objects with electrons in order to capture the original object for the creation of a piece contains the necessary information that is brought forth after manipulation.  It is important for me to note, the object is never desroyed or changed from it's original form.  There is no deconstruction and reconstruction.  It is just a reordering and manipulation of the current data captured.


Nothing is added in post production of my art.

Embedded in each image is the original object captured. 


"Isn't using Social Media for 'instant' success rather shallow?"

This question was received via Social Media..


My response:


It's probably true, there are those on Instagram and other Social Media whom wish to be 'instantly' famous, but I have seen and in my experience on all of the sites, there are artists sharing their art and not much more.

I've been on Social Media for a while, and just shared some of my work. It's a sort of instant feedback.

I am finding with my latest exploration, Twitter has been more easily used and enables one to share more readily what others have done. The interaction achieved is more streamlined, and enjoyable.

This has been the first time I have used Instagram and other Social Media Sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, attempting to seek out some tangible goal set out with a lose plan with a deadline of 30 days. I'm into 30 days and we will see how I develop my skills using such things as hash tags to target different segments of the population to garner participation and engagement.

One of my findings I alluded to earlier was engagement, and it takes engaging with others and their art in order to elicit responses. It's called being social, which is something many artists shy away from. It's a stretch for me as well, but we will see in the outcome, how effective it can be.

I'm one of the naysayers and critical of using Social Media for quick results or any for that matter unless one has established themselves already as a brand in the marketplace. I used the example of a person swimming in the ocean in hopes to catch a big fish. This is what my exploration is seeking to do. "Get him to MoMA".

One first must believe in themselves; their message; and art which seeks to add value before embarking on such an endeavor. It is not for the faint of heart, or weak in stamina.

A true commitment to the outcome and process set forth is necessary as well. 
As far as the outcome? I have three parameters that must be met for a complete success.

:. 1. Garner Support of Peers 
:. 2. Complete the experiment, which itself is a Conceptual Piece of Art 
:. 3. Get the attention of MoMA

The first has been achieved to a point but I expect more as there are just over 8 days left, and as we all know, the water doesn't boil until the last minute when it reaches it's critical temperature. The boiling point.

I'm not certain I would recommend this to anyone as of yet. A slow burn person myself is placing himself in deeper waters than I have ventured before, but what is life without some adventure?

I often speak of swimming in the ocean at a comfortable depth. 1oo foot visibility, and then looking out into the darkness that awaits, and deciding to swim further; deeper; so far the change in temperature is shocking to one's body. It becomes cold and isolated. You don't see the dwellers below or afar and this unknown can be the undoing of many to the point they turn back. What do you do? Do you stay in warmer more controlled waters of your own making, or do you venture deeper into the unknown?

I will choose the unknown. This is where the big fish swim, and I wish to swim with them in their silent deep abode.

This is your art; your deepest most precious and sometimes fragile self. Your soul. 
How could anyone knowingly place themselves at the mercy of a place so vast and mysterious? Stay in the shallows! It's safer there... the inner voice is constantly tugging at your good sense. Relax and make art because it makes the other little fish happy and swim in circles.

The other voice saying, what are you doing in the shallows? You were made from the deepest realms of the darkness, where light fears penetration. You must return to the deep and explore where you came from, and if you return, you will have captured something precious to bring to the other little fish. Something they have never seen before...

Social Media is an ocean of different creatures, but only the bravest go the deepest. Take a deep breath and dive.





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