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Is the Mathematical Representation of Outcomes, art? Is this a Quantum Effect?

254cm x 254cm

12 grids of 36 dots ea.

144 total grids with 5184 dots

It began with an obsessive challenger in a game of “DOTS”.  Hundreds of game challenges manifested before me in a game where I have not challenged anyone.  Inspiration then took over as my curiosity began to tug at my thoughts regarding quantum theory and the subjugation of time itself.  I posed to myself this question.  What if an inter dimensional being challenged me to a game?  What if they were communicating with the connectivity through space and using time as a physical device to send a message?


It sounds ridiculous, but still, plausible.


When we look down, we see all the dimensions represented.  3 -> 1… but when we look up we have no container for our belief in what we see as being only three dimensions.  In fact, if we could see all the stars in the sky, it would be filled with light from stars so distant it would take millions of our earth lifetimes to reach the closest to our Sun.  What if, we could reach these stars in an instant?


The “DOTS” experiment began with the concept of time; space; relativity; and bending space.  Here is the abbreviated version of what I am attempting to represent with the “DOTS”.



How we view dimensions:


0 dimensions is a point in space. No length; width; or height.

1 connecting two points together forming a line with an ending and a beginning is represented with a length. 

2 dimensions is represented by a shape which can be rotated on a plane.

3 dimensions includes objects which can be rotated in space.  Cubes; Spheres; Pyramids are three examples.

4 dimensions.  Traditionally represented by ‘time’, this dimension uses time as if it were spacial, and not as we do in the third dimension.




The shortest distance between two points is a line.


The theory represented is bending space so that no matter the distance between the two points, once folded so they meet introduces the true shortest distance which is instantaneous.  Albert Einstein introduced us to Wormholes, Time does not function in this case, and the bypass of distance is instant as time stops for this moment and regains once at arrival point.


In this demonstration of bending space and suspending time, I have connected myself to someone who could be down the street, in another state; country; planet; on another plane; in another galaxy or another dimension.  There is no proof, but fascinating to imagine the possibility for a moment, it could be true.  Suspend disbelief and disregard what you think you see is just a mere representation of some dots on a page.


A game is initiated from someone, somewhere, the dots manifest on the screen as the game is accepted.


A gateway opens:

The game starts and ends with a tie, the moment captured and outcome represented.  The connection once initiated by the initiator and for all intents, the connection is ended instantly on my end, until the game is complete, then instant connection representing a score, and in every case it is a tie.  Connection ends.


Each in the series of connections can be a representation of time travel, and the suspension of time in space as space.

I suggest the outcomes in my visual conceptual piece of art is a manifestation and slice of inter dimensional movement.



Update: May 15th, 2015


"I'm taking this experiment to another level. After working with sublime text and hype, I am taking this output and converting to a scalable pantone vector image which will be printable to it's full scale, and also an interactive look at it's assembly which stems from Generated Algorithmic Art.


What an amazing accident derived from a game of chance meeting an anonymous challenger.

I think it's what we take from our stimulus which inspires creativity, and how far we can take it that makes digital art the vision of a more interesting future. A simple source, which could not be more simpler representing a single dimensional representation, a "Dot", can be extrapolated with a deeper meaning, and translated to a work of participatory art is fascinating for me.


If I wanted to, I could put in a vector shape of my choosing and translate each point on the grid as a specific entity like hieroglyphics to be translated, but keeping the original pseudo random output in tact which is the soul of the piece. This interaction between two human beings deciding the outcome captured. It isn't just a grid of dots, but an assembly of a message derivative of a communication."




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